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      來源:http://www.gaokaotv.cn/ 瀏覽:0發表時間:2023-10-10
      When customizing the stone plastic elevator door pocket, the following parameters need to be provided:
      1. 尺寸:提供準確的門套尺寸,包括高度、寬度和厚度。這些尺寸應與實際安裝位置相符。
      1. Size: Provide accurate door pocket dimensions, including height, width, and thickness. These dimensions should match the actual installation position.
      2. 材質:確定所需的石塑材質類型,如PVC、聚酯樹脂等。不同材質具有不同的特性和外觀效果。
      2. Material: Determine the required type of stone plastic material, such as PVC, polyester resin, etc. Different materials have different characteristics and appearance effects.
      3. 顏色和紋理:選擇合適的顏色和紋理,以滿足設計要求和個人喜好??梢蕴峁悠坊騾⒖紙D像來說明所需的顏色和紋理效果。
      3. Color and texture: Choose appropriate colors and textures to meet design requirements and personal preferences. Samples or reference images can be provided to illustrate the desired color and texture effects.
      4. 邊緣處理:確定邊緣處理方式,如直角邊、圓角邊或斜角邊。這取決于設計風格和要求。
      4. Edge processing: Determine the edge processing method, such as right angle edges, rounded edges, or beveled edges. This depends on the design style and safety requirements.
      5. 安裝方式:確認門套的安裝方式,如表面粘貼、嵌入式或其他特殊要求。這將影響到門套的制作和安裝方式。
      5. Installation method: Confirm the installation method of the door pocket, such as surface pasting, embedding, or other special requirements. This will affect the way the door pocket is made and installed.
      6. 附件和配件:如果需要,提供相關的附件和配件要求,如門套連接件、裝飾條、防撞條等。
      6. Accessories and accessories: If necessary, provide relevant accessories and accessory requirements, such as door cover connectors, decorative strips, anti-collision strips, etc.
      7. 數量和交貨時間:明確所需的門套數量和交貨時間要求,以便供應商進行生產和安排。
      7. Quantity and delivery time: Clarify the required quantity and delivery time requirements for door jambs to facilitate production and arrangement by suppliers.
      In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy and satisfaction of customized door covers, detailed communication and exchange with suppliers should be carried out as much as possible. Provide design drawings, samples, or reference images to facilitate suppliers' better understanding of requirements and provide professional advice.