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    來源:http://www.gaokaotv.cn/ 瀏覽:0發表時間:2023-11-09
    Finding a manufacturer of stone plastic elevator door cover lines is the first step in the entire elevator cover project. Nowadays, due to fierce competition in the elevator cover industry, more and more merchants of different grades have emerged. Each manufacturer is promoting their own products, but not all materials are worth spending time and effort to understand. Looking for products that can be easily understood in terms of quality, price, and material, The strength of stone plastic elevator door cover line manufacturers cannot be ignored. What are the differences in the application of real stone or stone plastic elevator door cover lines?
    Since the stone plastic elevator door cover line is imitation stone, there are still some differences compared to real stone. Today, we will discuss the difference between real stone and stone plastic elevator door cover line in terms of application scope, so that customers can quickly understand which material is more suitable for their project. The stone plastic elevator door cover line is widely used in residential communities, office buildings, hospitals, schools, etc. across the country due to its solid and durable material, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance. This can also be attributed to its fast and convenient characteristics.
    The hardness of real stone has been recognized in the building materials market since ancient times. Real stone can be used in places where stone plastic elevator door jambs can be used. However, real stone is still more commonly used in higher grade places. Compared to the common use of stone plastic elevator door jambs, using real stone is somewhat overkill. It is also worth mentioning that real stone can be used in outdoor environments, which is currently not possible for stone plastic elevator door frames.
    The base material of the stone plastic elevator door cover line is extruded through a mold at high temperature, which can be said to achieve any desired shape. The transfer film has bright colors and numerous designs, which can meet the needs of customers with different aesthetics. Therefore, how to choose between real stone and stone plastic elevator door frame lines depends on the requirements of the construction site environment.
    This article is provided by the Zibo elevator door cover manufacturer for you. Our website is: http://www.gaokaotv.cn We will provide you with wholehearted enthusiasm and welcome your visit!