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      來源:http://www.gaokaotv.cn/ 瀏覽:0發表時間:2023-08-28
      Material preparation: Line side board foam rubber silicone rubber (or marble rubber) 45 ° cutting saw table saw glue gun infrared instrument;
      Clean the base surface of the layout wall and ensure there is no oil or dust on the outside. Check the flatness and verticality of the wall surface. Excessive departments should chisel or repair defects with cement mortar, reinforce and level them before construction can proceed;
      Find horizontal and vertical control lines on the wall;
      The cutting saw adopts a 45 degree angle to cut the lines and diagonally connect them to reflect on the flatness of the thick plate+line form: if the wall is a dry hanging marble foundation, it is necessary to use small wooden blocks to find 3-4 points on the wall, and then use marble glue to stick them, and use foam glue to fill the surrounding area of the small wooden blocks; Then clip the 45 degree cut line onto the side panel, and stick the other side of the line to the wall at a point; Sheet+Line Form:
      假如墻面是干掛大理石根基,需要用細木工板打底,而后將薄板用泡棉膠暫時牢固,云石膠點粘到細木工板上;而后將薄板切割部門卡在線條卡槽中 ,將線條裝置到位,壓實,牢固在墻體細木工板基面上??ú垡环矫婺軌蛘趽踝劝迩懈钐幍蔫Υ?,另一方面裝置速率能夠進步。(分外闡明:泡棉膠起到暫時牢固的感化,硅酮膠24小時內無奈凝結,但其前期感化力強,以是二者共同應用才能達到預期后果
      If the wall is a dry hanging marble foundation, it is necessary to use a blockboard as the base, and then temporarily secure the thin board with foam glue, and stick the marble glue points onto the blockboard; Then clip the thin plate cutting department into the line card slot, install the line in place, compact it, and firmly attach it to the base surface of the wall blockboard. On the one hand, the card slot can cover the defects at the cutting point of the side panel, and on the other hand, the device speed can be improved. (Special clarification: Foam adhesive has a temporary and firm effect, while silicone adhesive cannot coagulate within 24 hours. However, its initial effect is strong, so the combination of the two can achieve the expected results.)
      Fill and apply silicone adhesive to the diagonal cracks
      Glue and plaster the gap between the line and the wall
      The side panels are cut with a table saw according to the actual size, and the construction method should refer to the line (the foundation is flat, the foam adhesive is temporarily firm, and the silicone adhesive is sticking)
      With the summary on the Liaocheng aluminum alloy elevator door cover, I hope it can be helpful to our customers. If you have any questions or need help, please click on our website: http://www.gaokaotv.cn Or call for consultation, and we will do our best to solve it for you