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      來源:http://www.gaokaotv.cn/ 瀏覽:0發表時間:2023-09-03
      The installation of stainless steel edging in elevators usually involves the following steps:
      Preparation: Firstly, ensure that all necessary tools and materials are ready. These materials may include stainless steel edging, glue, screws, nuts, etc.
      Clean surface: Before installation, ensure that the elevator wall or door frame surface is clean, smooth, and dust-free. Suitable cleaning agents and cloths can be used to clean the surface to ensure that the edges adhere firmly to it.
      Measurement and cutting: Use measuring tools (such as a tape measure) to accurately measure the dimensions of the elevator wall or door frame, and cut the stainless steel edge into corresponding sized paragraphs. Ensure that the cut lines are straight and neat, so that they can fit tightly during installation.
      Positioning and marking: Based on the measurement results, determine the position of the edge wrapping installation, and use a pencil or other suitable tool to mark on the elevator wall or door frame. The markings should be accurate and clear to aid in positioning during installation.
      Pre installation: Temporarily fix the stainless steel edge at the marked position for final inspection and adjustment. Ensure that the edge is tightly fitted to the elevator wall or door frame, and verify whether its levelness and verticality meet the requirements.
      Paste: Use appropriate adhesive or adhesive to evenly apply a layer of adhesive on the back of the stainless steel edge. Then, slowly and orderly paste the edges onto the elevator wall or door frame according to the pre marked positions. Ensure that the edge is in full contact with the surface, and gently press with your hand to ensure that the adhesive can firmly adhere.
      Fixing: Use screws and nuts to fix the stainless steel edge on the elevator wall or door frame. As needed, it can be fixed at the top, bottom, and sides of the edge wrapping to ensure its stability and durability.
      Cleaning and adjustment: After installation is completed, remove excess glue and debris, and make final adjustments to the edges to ensure their appearance is neat, free from skewness, dents, and other issues.
      Please note that during the actual installation process, there may be differences due to different elevator models and specific requirements. Therefore, it is recommended to read the relevant installation manual or consult a professional before installing stainless steel edging.